How can we benchmark COVID-19 performance data?

(02-06-2020) How can we benchmark COVID-19 performance data?

In a new article published in the premier journal in public administration, namely Public Administration Review, prof. dr. Bert George, prof. dr. Bram Verschuere, prof. dr. Ellen Wayenberg and Bishoy Zaki (all from the Department of Public Governance and Management) offer a guide to benchmarking COVID-19 performance data. Based on an initial exploration of country-level data, they suggest specific measurements and indicators, their strengths and weaknesses, and data sources. Finally, they offer recommendations to policymakers, experts and public managers centered on assessing measurement equivalence, systems thinking, adopting a spatial and temporal perspective, acknowledging multilevel governance realities and including multi-method designs. Their article is part a special issue of Public Administration Review focused on COVID-19.

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