Role of mayors and local governments during COVID-19

(03-04-2022) Role of mayors and local governments during COVID-19

How did Belgian and Dutch mayors experience their own role and that of local government during the first few months of the COVID-19 outbreak (February-September 2020)? This question was addressed by drawing on three analytical perspectives on local government systems: functional, territorial, and political. The results show that the position and leeway of Belgian and Dutch mayors did not differ much during the first months of the crisis.

This research report is based on the article The Belgian and Dutch response to COVID-19: change and stability in the mayors' position, published in Local Government Studies in February 2022. In the article prof. dr. Ellen Wayenberg, Prof. dr. Joris Voets, Bram Van Haelter and Inke Torfs (all UGent) collaborated with assist. Prof. dr. Sandra L. Resodihardjo and dr. Marieke L. van Genugten (Radboud University).