International governance



Our research examines political, economic, and legal aspects of governance at multiple levels: national, EU and international governance. This multi-disciplinary approach is applied to various governance processes in several fields (such as financial regulation, consumer protection, accountability of economic governance, climate change, energy). Our complementary research brings together political understandings of the types and development of governance, with understandings of law as an instrument of governance, and with economics as a domain of governance.


Recent publications


The new EU economic governance: what about accountability?

Frank Naert (UGent)


Government efficiency, institutions, and the effects of fiscal consolidation on public debt

Freddy Heylen (UGent) , Annelies Hoebeeck (UGent) and Tim Buyse (UGent)


Institutional impact assessment in multi-level systems: conceptualizing decentralization effects from a comparative perspective