Lopende doctoraten

(FR= goedgekeurd in de faculteitsraad van ...)

  1. DE GROOTE Tom (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gerdie EVERAERT) - FR 8/10/2008
    Bootstrapcorrecties voor LS en IV Schatters in Dynamische Panet Data Modellen
  2. SMETS Patrick (Prom.: Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DE GAER) - FR 19/05/2010
    Speltheorie toegepast op terrorisme
  3. BOLLENS Joost (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart COCKX) - FR 18/05/2011
    The research topic relates to the measurement of the effectiveness of active labour market programmes
  4. URBAIN Céline (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart COCKX) - FR 28/03/2012
    Labor Markets policies in Flanders
  5. SCHALEMBIER Benjamin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Eddy OMEY - Prof. dr. Elsy VERHOFSTADT) - FR 20/02/2013
    Measurement and determinate of well-being
  6. VAN BELLE Eva (Prom.: Prof. dr. Bart COCKX - Prof. dr. Stijn BAERT) - FR 28/08/2013
    Activating Unemployed Youth. An Evaluation.
  7. DE VOS Ignace (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gerdie EVERAERT) - FR 22/01/2014
    Bias corrections in dynamic panels with cross-sectional dependence and irregular spacing
  8. DEVRIENDT Willem (Prom.: Prof. dr. Freddy HEYLEN) - FR 19/02/2014
    Ageing, pension systems, fiscal sustainability and growth.
  9. SOHIER Lieze (Prom.: Prof. dr. Elsy VERHOFSTADT - Prof. dr. Luc VAN OOTEGEM) - FR 3/09/2014
    Working longer and better, also during economic crisis: the contribution of alternative indicators of well-being
  10. DE VISSCHER Stef (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gerdie EVERAERT) - FR 24/09/2014
    Measuring total factor productivity and understanding its determinants
  11. PENNINCK Anke (Prom.: Prof. dr. Elsy VERHOFSTADT - Prof. dr. Stijn BAERT) - FR 10/12/2014
    Social media as a screening device in the labour market
  12. VAN RYMENANT Pieter (Prom.: Prof. dr. Freddy HEYLEN - Prof. dr. Dirk VAN DE GAER) - FR 18/03/2015
    Wealth distribution and long-run equilibrium
  13. AL-AJLANI Haya (Prom.: Prof. dr. Luc VAN OOTEGEM - Prof. dr. Elsy VERHOFSTADT) - FR 16/03/2016
    Beyond GDP: Using the direct rating method to construct a minimally paternalistic well-being index.
  14. ISERINGHAUSEN Martin (Prom.: Prof. dr. Gerdie EVERAERT) - FR 18/05/2016
    Topics in empirical macroeconomics
  15. NEYT Brecht (Prom.: Prof. dr. Stijn BAERT - Prof. dr. Dieter VERHAEST) - FR 12/10/2016
    The causal effects of part-time education, apprenticeship and stem education programs during secondary education on educational attainment and labour market success.