Insurance against industrial accidents and insurance against occupational diseases for (post-)doctoral grant holders

Ghent University is a public institution and therefore acts as its own insurer for the industrial accidents and occupational diseases of its personnel.

Therefore Ghent University is not obliged, as far as its members of personnel is concerned, to conclude an industrial accidents insurance policy or to have its personnel insured against occupational diseases.

However, UGent cannot legally act as its own insurer as far as the occupational diseases and industrial accidents of its (post-)doctoral grant holders is concerned.

In its meeting of 11 October 2006 the executive committee therefore decided:

  • to agree with the procedure of inviting public tenders with European notification with the aim of concluding an industrial accidents insurance policy for (post-)doctoral grant holders that will take effect from 1 January 2007 onwards, with the premium that is to be paid for the industrial accidents insurance for (post-)doctoral grant holders  to be charged as a supplement to the budget post from which the (post-)doctoral grant is paid;
  • to agree  that the (post-)doctoral grant holders will be insured for their occupational diseases with the Fund for Occupational Diseases, with the solidarity contribution (amounting to 1%) to be charged as a supplement to the budget post from which also the (post-)doctoral grants are paid.

Industrial accidents insurance for (post-)doctoral grant holders

After consultation of the market, an industrial insurance policy for the (post-)doctoral grant holders was signed valid from 1 January 2016 with the insurance company Belfius, through the insurance broker Marsh (prior to 1 January 2016 insurance company Generali Belgium through insurance broker Van Breda Risk & Benefits).

The premium for this industrial accidents insurance amounts to 0.1093 % of the gross amount of the (post-)doctoral grant, and is charged as from 1 January 2016 as a supplement to the budget post from which the (post-)doctoral grant is paid.

How to declare an industrial accident?

  1. You declare the industrial accident within eight days by completing the notification form and sending it, together with the medical certificate, to .
  2. First you pay for the medical fees et cetera yourself. Then you send these to your health fund which reimburses a part of the medical expenses. Finally you send the original form that states the details of your reimbursement by your health fund to insurance broker Marsh, namely to Misses Anne-Marie Feyen, Uitbreidingstraat 180, 2600 Antwerpen.
  3. Each industrial (road) accident of a (post-)doctoral grant holder has to be declared to the insurance company within a period of eight days following the accident.

ATTENTION: The notification form, the medical certificate and a certificate of insurance against industrial accidents will be available soon.

Insurance against occupational diseases for (post-)doctoral grant holders

All information with respect to the insurance against occupational diseases of (post-)doctoral grant holders can be found on the website with the following URL:
For the payment to the Fund for Occupational Diseases of the solidarity contribution amounting to 1%, the presently charged supplement to the gross amount of the (post-)doctoral grant amounting to 1% will be used.
The notification of an occupational disease of a (post-)doctoral grant holder to the Fund for Occupational diseases has to be done by the industrial medical officer of UGent by using the notification form that can be found on the website mentioned above. You therefore need to contact in this matter (the Departement of Medical Supervision, De Pintelaan 185, K5, 9000 Ghent (tel. 09 332 30 76; fax 09 332 49 81; e-mail:

Take note: this new arrangement is only applicable to (post-)doctoral grant holders, which means that doctoral students remain covered by the collective policy "physical accidents of students" concluded with Ethias.