Personnel: Work-related accidents

What can be acknowledged as a work-related accident?

To be acknowledged as a work-related accident, it has to be possible to procure the evidence that there is a sudden occurrence (accident), that happened to a contract member of staff or a statutory member of staff during and through the exercise of the work, which causes an injury.

The following five elements must be combined:

  •  A sudden occurrence with an external cause
  • There is an injury
  • The sudden occurrence caused the injury
  • The accident happened during the exercise of one's work
  • The accident happened through the exercise of one's work

The same principles apply in case of teleworking.

You are the victim of an accident on the work route, so-called work-related road accident, if the following four conditions are combined:

  • A sudden occurrence with an external cause
  • There is an injury
  • The sudden occurrence caused the injury
  • The accident has occurred on the normal work route. This is the most justified route in time and distance between the residence and the place where the duties are performed.

 How to declare a work-related accident?

You have to fill in the necessary documents within eight days (starting the day after the accident happened), if necessary in consultation with your department chair, head of department or director. These documents are not available in English.

Absence in case of a work-related accident

You are obliged to report your absence to your office or department. Your office/department will notify the Department of Personnel and Organization immediately through mail to . This mail needs to state clearly that the absence is a consequence of a work-related road accident for which a declaration will be done.

Prior to 10 A.M. you notify the person within your office assigned to be notified, for example your head of department or director. If you have specific working hours (for example cleaning personnel), you have to notify your office as soon as possible, but within half an hour after the normal beginning of your activities at the latest.

The notification can happen in any way possible: by telephone, in writing or by an intermediary. Nevertheless, you carry the responsibility for the notification of your office yourself. If you aren’t able to notify your office in time, you have to be able to give an explanation or to prove a material impossibility or force majeure.

If your place of residence during your absence differs from your official domicile, you have to mention this.

Procedure pricking accident and / or accidental blood contact

If you have a pricking accident, then ask – if possible – the attending doctor/ dentist / internship mentor of the patient on whom you’ve pricked yourself if he or she consents to check the immune status of the patient for:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

This is possible through the emergency unit, poli-unit or hospitalization unit or through the attending doctor. This way it will be possible to refer you to an aids reference centre or a department hepatology within 24 hours for an adapted treatment, if necessary according to the registration form (see below).

Furthermore, you: