Travel Insurance for students

Who can benefit from an automatic coverage and with which insurer?

Ghent University has concluded a collective travel policy for its students who remain abroad (not Belgium) temporarily within the framework of university-related activities and this with insurance company XL Catlin through insurance broker Expat & Co. The premium for this insurance is paid for centrally.

The policy doesn’t apply when you are domiciled in the country of destination.

We advise you to read the policy text and the manual ‘What to do in case of damages?’ before departing to the host country.

Attention: make inquiries with the receiving (educational) institution about the health insurance in the country of destination. Inquire with this institution whether you have to conclude a health insurance in your country of destination. Furthermore inquire with this institution whether there is an obligation to subscribe to an  insurance according to the law of the host country. If this is the case, you have to pay the insurance premiums yourself.




Within the conditions and limitations of the policy:

  • Really indispensable medical costs of treatment, provided to an insured, which are the direct consequence of an accident, an illness or pregnancy complication occurred during the trip abroad (exemption of 50 EUR per insured person per claim for ambulatory costs and in the US an exemption of 125 EUR per insured person per trip for ambulatory costs, unless use will be made of the doctors and hospital network of the insurer through Global Excel).
    • If possible, direct payment of hospital bills, except for ambulant treatment (thus only in case of hospitalization). Direct payment to the hospital can only be effected if the alarm centre has provided a guarantee prior to (or at the moment of) the hospitalization. In the United States use has to be made of the hospital network through Global Excel to be able to access the direct payment of hospital bills by the insurer.
    • Prescribed treatment physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopathy (12 sessions, further treatments with the insurer's approval)
    • Psychological help after trauma (max. 2.500 €)
    • Urgent painstilling dental care (max. 250 € / claim unless pre-approved by the insurer)
    • Follow-up treatment in the home country (max. 1 year - up to 25,000 EUR per insured person per trip)
Attention: concerning hospital admissions, there is coverage for the price of a twin room. The room supplements and the supplements for the doctor’s fees, charged when staying in a single room, will not be reimbursed by the insurer, unless the admission to a single room is medically necessary.

read the definition of ‘accident’ and ‘illness/disease’ in the policy conditions (glossary – sections 7 and 8).

  • Medical  repatriation
  • Expenses for extended stay due to illness or accident, natural disaster, terrorist threat
  • Compassionate visit of 1 close relative in case the insured person is hospitalized in a critical medical condition outside the home country
  • Search and rescuing (up to 15,000 EUR)
  • Repatriation of the mortal remains and transport of the luggage in case of death
  • Funeral expenses (up to 2,500 EUR)
  • Early return
    • In case of death of a close family member
    • In case of palliative care of a close family member
    • In case of hospitalization of a close family member (> 2 days in severe medical condition)
    • In case of totally unexpected premature birth of a close family member
    • Of the manager in case of a severe event at the office
  • Replacement staff member for a repatriated staff member
  • Advice and referral
    • Advice and referral service concerning travel preparations
    • Advice and referral service concerning hospitals/doctors in host country
    • Advice and referral service to embassy, consulate or other organisation
    • To allow the insured to continue the journey following a delay
  • Sending essential medications/medical appliances
  • Advance of money following loss or theft (max. 5.000 EUR)
  • Student guarantee = reimbursement of re-enrollment fees and foreign accommodation for students in full-time education who are hospitalized for > 60 consecutive days through illness or accident and who are therefore unable to complete their academic year (up to 2,500 EUR)
  • Supplementary services
    • Forwarding urgent messages
    • Assistance in case of theft or loss of travel and ID documents
    • Assistance in tracing lost or stolen baggage
  • Coverage for civil liability, in second rank, after the compensation by the own insurer civil liability of the insured and taking into account an exemption of 125 EUR per claim (max. 20.000.000 EUR for physical damage and max. 500.000 EUR for material damage  and in the US and Canada max. 1.000.000 EUR for physical damage and material damage together)


The intervention of the insurance company is limited to 15,000,000 EUR per event with respect to air travel risks and to 25,000,000 EUR per event for ground risks. This limit applies to every physical injury or cost deriving from an insurance claim or a series of insurance claims that can be attributed to one and the same event.

The policy doesn’t cover:

  • Damages to or loss of luggage
  • Cancellation of the travel
  • Travels organized by students’ unions.


There is no cover when costs are caused by or when the following  directly or indirectly contributes to it:

  • Self-inflicted injuries, suicide or attempted suicide
  • Flying an aircraft as a pilot
  • Intoxication
  • Accidents which occur during the preparation of or the committal of any criminal act
  • Wilfulness of an insured person

Specifically with regard to the cover for civil extra-contractual liability private life, the exclusions of article 49 of the general policy conditions additionally apply.

Furthermore, there is no cover in case:

  • The insured travels against the advice of a doctor.
  • The trip is undertaken in order to undergo a medical treatment or a medical advice.
  • A pregnant women travels in the period of 30 days before the due date or with disregard of a medical advice which prohibits travelling.
  • When costs can be recuperated through a social security institution or through a legally mandatory insurance.

Safety abroad

The insurer strictly advises to follow the travel advices from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Proof of insurance

An electronic or specific proof of insurance (mentioning the name of the insured, the precise period of insurance, the destination and the contact data of the insurance company) can only be obtained by using your Ghent University mail address through

The following information has to be mentioned in your mail:

  • Family name
  • First name
  • Birth date
  • Male / female
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Nationality
  • Country of departure
  • Country of destination
  • Date of departure
  • Date of return
  • Reference to the policy number of the Ghent University-policy: W.010.16.500.342 - 00

Contact numbers in case of damage

  • In case of hospitalization or emergency: Alarm centre: 24h/24h 365/365 +32 (0)2 669 08 80 or, using your Ghent University mail address, through mail to .
  • In other cases: during office hours (9:00 – 17:00 GMT+1): + 32 (0)2 463 0404 or
  • For all medical matters during your stay in the USA please always first contact Global Excel at + 1 305 459 4896 or + 1 786 472 8391 or, using your Ghent University mail address, through mail to or

Use your Ghent University email address to prove that you are a member of personnel / holder of a (post) doctoral grant by Ghent University. If you use your personal mail address, your request can be refused.

What to do in case of damage?

Before contacting the travel insurer, you first have to contact your own social security institution (health fund) for medical assistance:

Non-Belgians have to contact their social security institution.

Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders, subscribed to the all-in insurance, first have to request assistance through the alI-in insurance, following the procedure online.

Students who become the victim of a physical accident during or on the way to and from a university activity or an industrial accident during an unpaid internship in the framework of the education at UGent can ask for assistance with insurer Axa: every request for assistance has to be made towards Axa (02 550 05 30), before any intervention. The assistance is provided by Inter Partner Assistance.

Only if these institutions can’t offer help or only able to offer insufficient help, you can contact the travel insurer of Ghent University.

As stated below the procedure to declare damages with the travel insurer of Ghent University:

The insurer asks, before booking tickets or hotels/accomodation (in case repatriation – evacuation – early return is needed within the policy conditions), to contact the alarm centre (24h/24h 365/365 days on telephone number +32 (0)2 669 08 80) or, using your Ghent University mail address, through mail to

Attention! As regards the reimbursement of medical costs by the travel insurer of Ghent University, you first have to ask reimbursement

  • If you are a student: with your own social security institution (health fund)
    • If you are a student who suffers a physical accident during or on the way to and from a university activity: with your own social security institution + the insurance for physical accidents
  • If you are a student doing an unpaid traineeship abroad and you are the victim of an industrial accident: with your own social security institution (health fund) + the industrial accident insurer

-Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders: with the all-in insurer.