Lecture 'The extraordinary scientific achievements behind the Belgica expedition'

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Students, Employees, Alumni, Secondary teachers, Secondary students
30-10-2017 from 19:00 to 20:00
Museum voor de Geschiedenis van de Wetenschappen, Krijgslaan 281 (S30), 9000 Gent
Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences
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This presentation will highlight the most important findings of the 1898-1899 Antarctic Belgica expedition by De Gerlache.

Most Belgians have heard about the achievements of the Belgica expedition which was the first one to overwinter in Antarctic waters in 1898-99. The expeditioners gathered much new information from the Subantarctic Peninsula region and discovered many new islands and passageways. They performed many scientific measurements and collected much material both at sea and on the islands. This expedition proved taxing for all its members and it required much endurance and survival skills. This presentation will cover some of the most exciting findings, plus reinterpretations of some of the results. Also, an attempt will be made at explaining why the science has been forgotten thus far. As the Subantarctic Peninsula is now known to be enduring one of the most rapid changes anywhere on the Planet , the importance and relevance of the scientific observations made by the Belgica expedition will be discussed, and how we could use some of those results to better monitor environmental change.

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