Debate 'Peace, protest and peasants: Colombia, a peace under threat'

For whom
Students, Employees, Alumni, Press, Business, Secondary teachers
11-12-2017 from 18:30 to 22:30
Film-Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, 9000 Gent
vakgroep Conflict & Ontwikkelingsstudies en CATAPA vzw
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Never again war in Colombia, but peace is having worrying side effects as human rights activists are increasingly paying for peace with death.

On this evening, CATAPA, students Conflict and Development (UGent) and the audience will look for answers and solutions to the question of Colombian peace.
Part 1 - A presentation by students of Conflict and Development Studies (UGent) about several fundamental themes in the current Colombian society: The students are taking you on a journey through the Colombia of today. We start in Cajamarca by addressing the emblematic protest against the 'La Colosa' gold mining project. After this, we discuss the issue of mining and human rights. Our final destination will be a general analysis of the peace process.
Part 2 - An interactive panel discussion: Raf Custers (Belgian journalist at GRESEA on natural resources in Latin America), Wies Willems (Policy Officer Broederlijk Delen Natural resources/extractive industries, business & human rights) and Bart Carlier (Catapa activist and ex Colombia cooperation worker) will discuss with each other and the audience.