Lecture 'Will Trump destroy NATO?'

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Students, Employees
24-10-2018 from 18:00 to 19:00
Auditorium D, Universiteitsstraat 4, 9000 Gent
Svitlana Berezhna, coordinator LLM Programmes, Faculty of Law and Criminology
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Events at NATO's July 2018 Summit showed that President Trump does not have a great love for NATO. But is NATO in danger because of his policy line?

In July 2018 a rather spectacular NATO summit took place in Brussels. The meeting itself proved unusually rich in decisions regarding several of NATO’s activities (Deterrence & Defense, Cooperation with the EU, Open Door etc…).

Yet the only element that was emphasized by the media was the crisis among Allies about Burden Sharing sparked by President Trump’s rather unconventional intervention in the discussions. A couple of days later President Trump met his Russian counterpart, President Putin, for the first summit between the two leaders.

Many policy makers from both the Republicans and the Democrats believed that the statements of the US President in Helsinki were absolutely inappropriate. Since then we have received more examples of Mr. Trump’s total disbelief in multilateralism.

The whole transatlantic link is furthermore shaken by his rather violent considerations towards the EU and the issue of trade balance with the US.  Is NATO in danger because of this presidential policy line?