Lecture 'Helping authors reach a broader range of audiences'

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16-10-2019 from 10:30 to 12:00
Auditorium P Jozef Plateau, Plateaustraat 22, 9000 Gent
CA20-Afdeling Universiteitsbibliotheek
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Hoe kan je als auteur je werk zo effectief mogelijk delen met een breed publiek? Scott Taylor over de succesvolle aanpak van University of Manchester

Despite the dramatic recent increase in Open Access, many papers remain broadly inaccessible as understanding the abstract and full-text often requires a specialist knowledge which only academics in the same field possess. Recognising the potential to amplify the University of Manchester’s research impact, and progress its social responsibility goals, the Library is building upon its established Research Services to help authors maximise the reach of their work by effectively communicating their findings to a broader range of audiences.

Producing research which has social, economic, and cultural impact is at the heart of the University of Manchester strategic vision. To fully realise this vision, the University must take an innovative approach to reaching non-academic audiences and be flexible in how it communicates key findings.

Scott Taylor is Research Services Manager at The University of Manchester. He will explain the University of Manchester's approach

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