Lecture 'Cortico-synergy coherence during walking: from development to pathology'

For whom
Employees , Students
09-09-2024 from 16:00 to 18:00
UZ Gent, De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Gent
Vakgroep Revalidatiewetenschappen en Kinesitherapie - Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen

A two-hour lecture on muscle synergy analyses across different life stages, in pathological contexts and on cortico-synergy coherence analysis.

This lecture will be divided into three parts to provide a comprehensive understanding of this advanced topic.

The first part will explore the development of muscle synergies (i.e. group of muscles working together as a task-specific functional unit) during walking across different stages of life, from neonates to toddlers and adults. This overview will highlight the changes and maturation of muscle synergies throughout human development.

Following this, the second part will focus on pathological contexts, specifically examining current literature on muscle synergies during walking in children with Cerebral Palsy. This segment will illustrate how the analysis is applied in clinical setting to understand and treat motor control disorders.

The final part of the lecture will combine this muscle synergy analysis with coherence-based source modelling. This analysis is called cortico-synergy coherence analysis and explains the influence of cortical activity on the muscle synergies.

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