English-taught study programmes

All English-taught programmes (master level): overview in the study guide

The overview includes various types of programmes:

All bachelor programmes are instructed in Dutch

Master programmes: 2 types

Master programmes

The knowledge acquired during the appropriate bachelor degree lays the foundation for further specialisation. At the end students are awarded a master degree.

Advanced or subsequent master programmes

Provide high standard specialization opportunities for holders of a particular master degree.

Master programmes in the framework of development cooperation

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Are high-quality course programmes at Master level, which were selected for funding by the European Commission.

Each course programme is offered by a consortium of universities which are situated in different European countries.

As a student of an Erasmus Mundus Master Course you will study in at least two of these countries and after successfully completing the programme, you will be awarded a recognized double, multiple or joint diploma.

5 current and 4 former Erasmus Mundus Master Programmes are currently jointly offered by Ghent University and partner universities.

Postgraduate studies

Comprise study programmes of minimum 20 ECTS credits, awarded by a certificate, in some cases referring to a legally recognized professional qualification.

They constitute study and learning paths intended to enable students to explore the competences acquired upon completion of a bachelor’s or master’s study, in greater depth and scope, as part of their further professional training.

Permanent training (continuing education)

Comprise a broad range of courses, life-long learning, education in new or fast developing fields of study.

The duration and entrance requirements to these courses are very flexible. 

Some lead to a specific certificate awarded by Ghent University.