Application procedure

Timely application: one year in advance

Apply well in advance because demand by far exceeds supply, especially in an urban area such as Ghent!

Parents will know whether we will have a place available for their child as early as the month following the month of your application.

It is also important to have a clear idea of the childcare period, i.e. start date and end of stay, and the preferred schedule, i.e. full days, half days (maximum 5 hours). Both are an integral part of the childcare contract.

Please notify us of all changes to the period and/or schedule.


All UGent child care options (day care centres and baby minders) use the same procedure.

Use only the dedicated form for your application. Completed forms must be sent to the central registration point by electronic mail: You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

In some cases, you will need to attach additional certificates or documents. These additional documents must be submitted as soon as possible. Your file can only be processed once all the required documents have been submitted.

Your application will be entered onto the waiting lists of your chosen childcare options.


The selection committee comes together monthly except in the months of July and August) to see if there is place for your child. At the latest  two weeks later you get an answer to your request by e-mail.

If we are able to offer you a place, you will receive a proposal. The reply will also indicate the steps that you should take to reserve this place. The responsible of the child care center will call you to make an appointment. This person will explain to you how the child care initiative works, provide you with the household regulations and draw up the contract together with you.

The reservation only becomes final once the reservation fee has been paid. The reservation fee will later be deducted.

Note - The reserved place will only be allocated definitively if the conditions that entitled you to a priority reservation for this place still apply for at least another 3 months at the time of your child’s entry into the day care centre. This means that, if your application received priority because you are a student, you must still be a student for at least another 3 months starting from your child’s first day at the day care centre.

If you have been granted a place, Ghent University will also inform Kinderopvang Stad Gent, the central childcare coordination centre for the City of Ghent, that they no longer need to look for a place for you.

Not accepted?

You will receive a negative answer by mail.

You still have the options to:

    1. register on the reserve list. We will then contact you if a place unexpectedly becomes available. Your registration on the reserve list can be maintained for up to 6 months after the originally requested childcare period. Keep in mind that the reserve list is only consulted if places are not filled.
    2. go through the entire application again and complete the application form again.
    3. register at Kinderopvang Stad Gent (


Central Information Point UGent Childcare
+32 (0)9 331 24 74