FAQ "in times of Corona"

Frequently asked questions


Can I stay at home Groningen, Uppsala, Göttiingen or Canterbury

International students in home Groningen, Uppsala, Göttingen and Canterbury can stay or opt for an early check-out. Remaining residents are expected to apply all indicated measures. Please send your request for on early check out via 

Can I stay at home Astrid, Boudewijn, Fabiola or Vermeylen

Students in the homes with shared facilities (Astrid, Boudewijn, Fabiola and Vermeylen) must leave the room until the situation normalizes. UGent has determined that, because of the shared kitchen and sanitary facilities, it is extremely difficult to limit or compartmentalize mutual contacts. Please send your requests for an exception via

Can I stay at home Bertha or Heymans

Students in home Heymans and home Bertha can stay in their flat or studio because social distancing can be applied much better in this circumstance since the residents have their own bathroom and kitchen.


How can I use the shared kitchens?

Stick to the maximum occupancy standard, as indicated in every kitchen. Make agreements with your neighbours about when to use the kitchen. Make use of your kitchen only. Do not go looking for other kitchens. You can maintain social contact digitally or with one friend during an outdoor walk.

Does the cleaning staff take extra measures?

Yes. All handles and knobs are additionally disinfected in all common areas.

Is the study room/common room still open?


Can I still report repairs? Are repairs still being followed up?

Only urgent repairs are being carried out.
Keep a safe distance when a technician comes by. Leave your room and open the window.

Can I borrow a vacuum cleaner?

No. The risk of contamination is too high. 
We have provided a bucket, mop, sweeping brush, dust wiper and can in the waste rooms of your building.

I feel ill.

Find guidelines on https://www.ugent.be/en/news-events/coronavirus-updates.htm

Can I allow caregivers in the home?

Of course, but access must be arranged. Contact in advance or the Ghent University Emergency Centre via +32 9 264 7125.

Can I still go outside?

Yes, in accordance with government calls and measures.

Can I invite friends over?

No. Above all, we want to ensure that the health system is not too highly burdened. That is why we need to create an environment in which the number of mutual social contacts is kept to a minimum.

Maintaining social contacts can be done digitally or with one friend outdoors during a walk. Keep the federal measures in mind at all time.

Can I get together with hall members?

Only in accordance with government calls and measures.

We kindly but explicitly ask you not to hold meetings in your room, kitchen or any other common areas in order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. Keep the prescribed distance from others, even if everyone seems to be healthy.

Meetings and gatherings are also explicitly prohibited in the open air, e.g. the communal gardens: only with 1 other friend you can take a walk, cycle or jog, provided they are one and a half meters away.

When will these measures be reversed or toned down?

As soon as the situation normalizes, the measures can be toned down. Unfortunately, we do not yet have an indication when that will be. We will keep you informed by email.

I feel blue.

You probably have a lot on your mind.
But did you know that you can go somewhere for any matter - no matter how small or "innocent" it seems? Do something about it!



Can I terminate my contract early?

Given the situation with the coronavirus, we would understand that you would return home (much) sooner than expected.

That is why the university gives you the opportunity to terminate your rental agreement early. If you want to do so, inform the Housing Office via , together with your full name, home and room number, and the date when you will be leaving.

Would you want to return on a later date (e.g. to do exams, if still applicable, and after the situation is back to normal), you can apply via the same online application through which you initially applied for a room.

What about financial problems?

Do you have less income as a result of the corona crisis, which causes troubles for you financially? Are you at risk of not being able to pay for your accommodation? Then you may qualify for a tailor-made intervention from the Social Service or a payment plan from the financial service.

If necessary, please contact us via 

Can I still make a (re)application for the next academic year?

 You can apply via the same online application through which you initially applied for a room.

What are the opening hours of the reception desk?

The services of the Housing Office have been adjusted. The Housing Office staff remain at your service during office hours by email and telephone, but the opening hours of the reception are limited. Our reception desk is only open in the morning from 8 am to 12 pm.

Contact the Ghent University Emergency Centre for urgent interventions (24/7).

Where can I find information about the Coronavirus?

For more info, check de updates op www.ugent.be/coronavirus or www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/.

For additional questions, mail to 

If you have a question about measures in Ghent, please visit the website of the city of Ghent.