IT Helpdesk

Who can help me with my IT-issues within the University Halls of Residence?

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VPN is no longer needed to connect to the internet from the University Halls of Residence!
The use of the wired connection is very easy by entering the [UGentlogin] and password via the portal
There is also wireless internet via Eduroam. The older 2.4 Ghz network eduroam_slow can be found as well, but is not supported by the helpdesk at this point.

Connecting multiple computers (maximum 4) in one room.

To do this, you can use a regular switch, no router (with or without a wireless access point)! You cannot use a router as it may cause network problems when it is not connected correctly.

Using the wifi-network Eduroam, multiple devices can access the internet.

With a UTP-cable in my living unit:


With wifi in my living unit:


With wifi in a common room:


I cannot connect with my device, but my friends can with theirs?