Ironing service

Members of staff of Ghent University are given the opportunity to make use of the ironing service of Partena.

Your clothes will be collected in a laundrybox and delivered at the collection point of your choice.  You pay for one hour of ironing with one 'dienstencheque' or service voucher. There are no additional costs.


  • Before you can use the ironing service, you need to register on the website of Partena (in Dutch)
  • Your personalized laundrybox will be delivered within 4 working days at the collection point  (see Collection points).
  • Your Ghent University access badge will be automatically activated in order to gain access to the collection point.

Should you no longer (at least 3 months) wish to appeal to the ironing service, please return your laundrybox and send an e-mail to Otherwise, 35 euros will be charged for the laundrybox.

Collection points

    • Rectorate, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, room 100.016 (with badge from 07h30 until 20h)
    • Faculty of Bio-science Engineering, Coupure Links 653, Blok A, room 095.008 (with badge from 07h30 until 20h)
    • Campus Merelbeke, Salisburylaan 133, decanate building, room 100.015 (without badge from 08h until 12h and 13h until 16h15)
    • Sport facilities GUSB, Watersportlaan 3, room 100.011A (with badge from 08h until 21h30)
    • Campus De Sterre, Galglaan 2 (storehouses DGFB – corner Galglaan and De Pintelaan), room 40.24.026 (temporary without badge from 08h until 12h and 13h until 16h, in short time with badge and  larger accessibility)
    • Ironshop Partena Merelbeke, Hundelgemsesteenweg 217 te 9820 Merelbeke. You can bring your laundry directly to the ironshop under the same conditions than the other collection points, only the delivery time can be different (accessibility: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 08h until 17h and Tuesday and Thursday from 07h30 until 18h)

Delivery and return of laundry

  • Deposit your laundrybox on Tuesdays before 10am or on Thursdays before 12am at the collection point. The collection points are accessible from 7h30 until 18h30.
  • Add a completed laundry list as well as the required amount of service vouchers ('dienstencheques').
  • Note the amount of all items you put in the laundrybox. Multiply the amount by the number of points assigned to each item and calculate your total points.
  • You can collect your ironed laundry respectively on Thursdays after 4pm and on Tuesdays after 2pm. We always provide a new laundry list in the box.

Costs and payment

  • You must pay with paper service vouchers. A service voucher costs 7,50 euro. Vouchers are 30% tax-deductible, the real cost is 5,25 euro per voucher.
  • 1 service voucher matches 60 points or 60 minutes. Per started hour 1 service voucher will be charged. By example: 2 service vouchers will be charged for 65 minutes of ironing. The credit of 55 points will be deducted next time.
  • Add the service vouchers and the laundry list on top of your laundry. Do not forget to sign the vouchers and tick the box ‘strijken buitenshuis’. The date will be completed by us.

In case insufficient service vouchers are added, your laundry will not be ironed.


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