Culture and leisure

An overview of all the cultural/social activities and/or organisations at Ghent University (museums, film, student associations, alumni, ...)


The University Film Club Film-Plateau is somewhat hidden away in Paddenhoek (near the faculty of Law and Criminology).


Scientific collections


Besides being a architectural icon, the University Library also organises special exhibitions. Walk right in!

Botanical Garden

Plants are grown in this Garden to support our teaching programmes, for research scientists in this university and elsewhere and as part of plant conservation projects. Go on an online visit...


Cultural Student Clubs

Cultural student clubs can count on 'Kultureel Konvent' to offer them structural support for their activities.

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    Student magazine

    The official student magazine of Ghent University is called 'Schamper'

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    Student and Staff Sports Championships

    On a regular basis sports championships are organised for either students or staff. Also, each year in springtime all staff members are invited to participate in the Staff Sports Day.

    Sports facilities at UGent

    Student Unions and Societies

    Ghent University harbours a huge array of student societies.

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    Alumni societies

    UGent graduates can join the central umbrella organisation Alumni UGent (only available in Dutch) or one of the faculty societies.

    Join the alumni database and as an alumnus you will be able to search this network for your former colleagues. You can also update your own profile and cover your details as you wish.