GUM (Ghent University Museum)

The brand-new GUM (Ghent University Museum) is located at the centre of the Ghent Botanical Garden, right around the corner from MSK Gent and S.M.A.K.

GUM - Welcome inside the head of the scientist

The GUM will be a museum dedicated to science, research and critical thinking, where visitors are invited to discover that science is borne out of failure and success, doubt and imagination.

The museum will offer insight into the university’s unique scientific collections, ranging from the fields of Biology to Ethnography, and from Medicine to Psychology. The visitor will be able to really delve into the scientist’s brain. Which challenges does he/she face? And how does that impact our lives and ways of thinking? A museum you can explore, but which will also make you doubt any preconceived notions.

The GUM will also become a 'Forum for science, doubt and art'. You can discover this in the temporary exhibitions and activities. The first pop-up exhibition, 'Van Eyck in depth. Friction and harmony through the eye of architects and artists' is a good example. You delve into the science behind the art of Jan Van Eyck.

More info on the GUM website