GUM (Ghent University Museum)

The GUM (Ghent University Museum) is a science museum located at the centre of the Ghent Botanical Garden, right around the corner from S.M.A.K and MSK Gent.

GUM - Welcome inside the head of the scientistThe GUM is a 'Forum for science, doubt and art'. It is a museum dedicated to science, research and critical thinking, where visitors are invited to discover that science is born out of failure and success, doubt and imagination. The visitor is able to really delve into the scientist’s brain. Which challenges does he/she face? And how does that impact our lives and ways of thinking?

The museum offers insight into the university’s unique scientific collections, ranging from the fields of Biology to Ethnography, and from Medicine to Psychology. A museum you can explore, but which will also make you doubt any preconceived notions.


Special stories and objects

The permanent exhibition allows you to explore seven themes: chaos, doubt, models, measurements, imagination, knowledge and network. By way of these themes, you will get a better understanding of how researchers act and think.

Discover some of the special stories and objects.

GUM - Fauna of Corpses
GUM - Butterfly
GUM - Hectocotylus
GUM - Bees

Sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet to come up with new insights

The introduction of the GUM in 2020 did not go unnoticed. Ghent University and the GUM (Ghent University Museum) painted Ghent's iconic Graffiti Street completely white together with street artists, turned their profile pictures and online banners blank and simultaneously published an empty book. The activities were an invitation to ‘Dare to Think’, the credo of Ghent University.

Every blank page, every new page, can lead to a new insight. This way, we can move from truth to truth. Everyone can experience this journey in the GUM.

Science is a journey of trial and error, doubt and imagination. The cliché of the brilliant professor or the lone genius? That is nothing but a myth.

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