Book Tower closed during move

The Book Tower closes as of Sep. 1st 2014 up to Jan. 5th 2015 due to the renovation of the building. The complete collection of the Book Tower will be moved to the new underground repository in that period. Afterwards  the readings rooms and offices will move too, to Sint-Hubertusstraat (2015-2017).

This is an overview of the services during this period


  • Loans should be returned by the end of August 2014
  • September - December 2014: the collections of the Book tower cannot be requested during this period, not even for consultation (with the exception of requests from external repositories DEPA, DEPB en DEPC). However, some works are digitally available (check the catalogue on
  • 2015-2017: As of January 2015 the collections will be available again

Study places

  • There will be no study places in the Book Tower , nor in the temporary location in Sint-Hubertusstraat as of Sep. 12th. 2014 to 2017.


September – December 2014:

  • The digital library remains accessible, 24h/24h, through and sfx
  • "Request an article" is a new service in the new website of the university library. You can receive a pdf of every article of the periodicals collection of the Book Tower as of September 2014
  • The service on external repositories (DEPA, DEPB en DEPC) is not interrupted. You can still collect requested items at the service desk of the Book Tower
  • Interlibrary loan for outgoing requests remains possible. Books that are unavailable due to the move can be requested through interlibrary loan. Items are delivered electronically or through the service desk at the Book Tower.
  • Scanning on demand is not possible from September tot December 2014. Scanned items remain accessible through the website of the library, Google books and the image database.


  • All services are available in Sint-Hubertustraat, with the exception of study places

Back office

  • September – December 2014: Personnel assures service during the move. After the move all departments will be restarted as soon as possible
  • 2015-2017: the Book Tower assures service in Sint-Hubertusstraat.