Psychosocial welfare

  • Ghent University has made welfare a priority for each staff member. Our central desk special focuses on unwanted and unacceptable behavior such as bullying, violence and sexual harassment in the workplace. Therefore Ghent University has two confidential counsellors you can reach by e-mail or phone (09 264 4253 or 09 264 42 99).
  • If you are a student you can bring a complaint to the ombudsperson of your faculty or you can reach the institutional ombuds. You can find the list referring to the ombudsperson of each faculty here.
  • As a student or a staff member in academics you can also share your story on the SASSY-platform (Sharing Academic Sexism Stories with You), a safe platform to share stories of academic sexism. In so doing, this initiative hopes to:
  1. create a space for those who have been harmed to express themselves,
  2. empower others to share their stories and challenge the structures that perpetuate this sexism, and
  3. better understand the problem in order to begin to act collectively to prevent it.