New International Thematic Networks 2024 - 2028 Call 2023

The international thematic networks are cooperative networks consisting of Ghent University staff members and international partners concerning a specific topic of excellence in education and research. The network of international partners offers an added value through synergy by strengthening the existing capacity and expertise within Ghent University, and/or strengthening the capacity of partners in the South. It supports the development of new initiatives in mobility, research, education and service to society. Further, the network promotes the excellence of the institution in this field, thus contributing to the position as an important partner in education, research and service to society and to the international Ghent University brand in general.

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Duration and starting date

  • Period: 5 years (with possibility to apply for renewal after first period)
  • Start project: 1 January 2024
  • End project: 31 December 2028


  • New ITN: € 60.000 / year (including but not restricted to personnel costs, operational costs, travel etc.)
  • Cofunding: The network is required to contribute and demonstrate co-funding in addition to the Ghent University allowance, so that the total turnover of the ITN amounts to min. 120.000 € per year. The sort of co-funding is undefined, but the amount of co-funding must be real and verifiable.


An international thematic network is a body for support, cooperation and advice consisting of Ghent University staff members and international partners concerning a specific topic of excellence in research and education at Ghent University with societal relevance and impact and with a significant focus on research. Special emphasis is put on collaborations that:

  • Focus on networking with high level and/or high potential partners;
  • Focus on networking with regard to research;
  • Focus on networking with countries, regions or around themes of strategic importance for Ghent University;
  • Focus on strengthening the collaboration with partners in the Global South;
  • Align themselves with the overall strategic goals of Ghent University and ethical framework for sustainable development and internationalization.

Each international thematic network is composed of an interdisciplinary group of at least 3 Ghent University professorial (ZAP) and/or post-doc staff members, preferably from different faculties, and professorial/post-doc staff members of minimum 3 different non-Flemish higher education partner organizations.

Who can apply?

Ghent University staff members are, at the moment of the deadline of this call, associated with Ghent University either as:

  • a member of the tenured academic staff (Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel; ZAP);
  • a visiting professor with at least a research assignment;
  • a senior assistant, senior lector, assistant professor, associate professor, full professor or senior full professor within the integration framework at Ghent University who holds a PhD degree;
  • or they have an appointment at Ghent University (including “FWO postdoctorale onderzoekers” and “IWT onderzoeksmandaten”), the University Hospital, VIB Ghent, IMEC Ghent, iMinds Ghent and/or Vlerick Gent Management School or at one of the Universities of Applied Sciences (“hogescholen”) from the Ghent University Association and hold a PhD degree.


The selection of the new ITN is a 2-step process.

Declaration of Intent

  • Must be written in English
  • The evaluation is carried out by a designated selection committee of the Internationalization Council.

Full Proposal

If the Declaration of Intent is selected by the Internationalization Council, the network has a period of time at its disposal for writing and submitting a definitive, full proposal.

  • Must be written in English
  • The evaluation is carried out by the same designated selection committee of the Internationalization Council, together with 3 representatives from the Research Council.

Criteria for evaluation

The selection will be based on specific criteria (as mentioned in the call), in addition to the overall goals for the Ghent University strategic international cooperation.


  • Deadline Declaration of Intent: 17 February 2023, 23:59
  • Deadline Full Proposals: 31 August 2023, 23:59


  • Preselection: March 2023
  • Final selection: October 2023


International Relations Office

Marieke Merckx – or tel. 09/331.01.16

Call and application forms

The entire call and application form can also be downloaded:

The proposals have to be electronically submitted via .