North America Platform

Objectives of the North America Platform (NAP)

  • The North America Platform wishes to highlight existing initiatives in Canada and the United States, both in Belgium and in the region.Logo North America Platform
  • The NAP puts its weight behind new educational and research initiatives in Canada and the United States.
  • The North America Platform acts proactively in seeking and consolidating synergies with knowledge institutions and the business world.
  • The North America Platform wishes to build trusting relationships with higher education institutions in the region through academic diplomacy.
  • The NAP organizes institutionally supported missions to the United States and Canada, with broad representation from the faculties and research fields.
  • The North America Platform - in cooperation with support services within Ghent University - identifies funding opportunities for teaching and research collaborations.
  • The Platform maintains relationships with international academic networks and associations and with relevant partners such as BAEF, Fulbright, embassies, chambers of commerce, ...
  • The North America Platform contributes to Ghent University alumni cooperation in the region.

More information concerning the goals of the platform will become available in the coming months.