Department of Infrastructure and Facility Management

Director: Els Van Damme

Administrative Office

Contact: - tel. 09 264 31 70

Head of Office: Luc Willems

  • Management secretariat and accountancy
  • Administration and supervision of (tender) procedures
  • Permit applications and legal support

Facilities Office

Contact: - tel. 09 264 31 09

Head of Office: Els Welvaert

  • Cleaning and moving operations (Athena - UServe)
  • Warehouses and purchasing centre
  • Garden facilities (Athena - UServe)
  • Transport (Athena - UServe)
  • Reception areas and lecture halls (including Het Pand) (Athena - UServe)
  • Exhibitions and general reception (couriers, doormen, telephone operators)
  • Operational security: Ghent University Emergency Centre

Project Office

Contact: - tel. 09 264 78 70

Head of office: Ann Hendricx

  • Planning, coordinating and carrying out construction projects (new construction, modifications, refurbishing)
  • Studies and master plans in the scope of the real-estate investment plan of Ghent University
  • Advice regarding construction technology, architecture and city planning
  • Establishing and managing a database of the University's terrains and buildings

Technical Office

Head of Office: Lina Avet

  • Planning, coordinating, supervising/executing studies and work involving electrical installations (high and low voltage), lifts, HVAC installations (heating, ventilation, air conditions and cooling) including control engineering, sanitary facilities and sewers, refurbishment, signposting and mechanics
  • Maintenance and certification of installations
  • Small and urgent repairs (Athena - UServe)