University Awards - 2015 Edition

Minerva Award for Education

  • Prof. Paul Simoens (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Department of Morphology) because of his many years of selfless dedication to the veterinary medicine programme. Not only was he instrumental in introducing a profound transformation of the curriculum. His spellbinding anatomy lessons also gained him the appreciation of successive generations of students.
  • dr. Elena Torfs (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Department of Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Bio-informatics) because of the enthusiasm and sense of commitment with which she takes on her extensive teaching assignment. She excels in explaining complex subject matter lucidly and compellingly – an extraordinary feat for a young doctoral student.
  • Prof. Kim Verbeken (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Department of Materials Science and Engineering) because of his unstinting effort to build up a strong set of new courses. He is a model of kindness and patience, and willingly lends his students a listening ear.

Prometheus Award for Research

  • Prof. Sarah De Saeger (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Department of Bio-analysis) because of her leadership qualities and her international sensibility. In her eyes there are literally no boundaries to science.
  • Prof. Frank Speleman (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics) because of his exemplary role in mentoring and coaching young researchers. The establishment of the Cancer Research Institute Ghent is proof of his engagement in multidisciplinary research collaboration.
  • Prof. Christian Vanhove (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Department of Electronics and Information Systems) because of his pivotal role in the intellectual and technical support for pre-clinical research projects. His vigorous and people-centered management of the Infinity Lab contributes to a stimulating and pleasant work environment.

Hermes Award for Public and Scientific Engagement

  • Tom De Witte and Sofie Vankerckhove (Helpdesk Team Finance Department) because of their indispensable and excellent support for the entire university community. Their customer-oriented service and patience are universally appreciated.
  • Prof. Philippe Smet (Faculty of Sciences – Department of Solid State Sciences) because of his phenomenal contribution to science communication and popularisation – while keeping up an exemplary research track record. Famelab, Children’s University, Light Festival, Lego installations via Twitter: Prof. Smet leaves no stone unturned to infect others with his passion for science.
  • Prof. Thomas Block (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences - Department of Political Science) because of his unabated efforts to conceive a more socially just and ecologically sustainable university. His sense of initiative within the framework of Transitie UGent is truly inspirational.