Raising awareness

  • Every year, on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, Ghent University raises the rainbow flag on all campuses.
  • Ghent University organizes monthly, afternoon lectures on diversity in which LGB- themes are regularly discussed. You can register via www.ugent.be/middaglezingen.
  • Ghent University sponsors the students' float during annual Pride Parades in Belgium (Youth For Equality).
  • Students who want to strengthen their diversity skills can enroll in the Master Program Gender & Diversity. This course - taught in Dutch - offers an introduction to current theory and research within LGB-studies among other fields.
  • Employees and teachers can request an LGB-awareness training tailored to their department. Contact diversiteit.personeel@ugent.be.


Confidential advisors/Trustpunt

The wellbeing of students and staff is a priority for Ghent University. As such, tackling transgressive and inappropriate behavior such as bullying, violence, and sexual harassment at work is a focal point. Both students and employees can turn to the Trustpunt for a listening ear. Additionally, each faculty has one or more confidential advisors.


At Ghent University there are student clubs where LGBs can be themselves without having to think about the prejudiced ideas of others. Accepting each other regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation is paramount. Everyone is welcome. The associations regularly organize educational and recreational activities around the LGBTQIA theme.

Networking for staff

Ghent University organizes networking opportunities centered on LGB issues. Experts, researchers, activists, sympathizers, etc. with an interest in the topic can talk to each other during informal gatherings. Register via diversiteit.personeel@ugent.be for information about upcoming meetings.