Aseanplus platform


logo ASEANplusThe ASEANplus platform is one of the six Regional Platforms at Ghent University which constitute a pillar in the Ghent University internationalisation strategy.

The ASEANplus Platform will develop a coherent collaboration approach, collate UGent expertise in the region, create synergy between ongoing activities and foster new collaborations.


  • ASEAN: Brunei,  Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • plus: Bangladesh, South-Korea, Japan, …


  • Efficiently centralise expertise on ongoing exchange schemes with Southeast Asian partners, using it to optimise current and boost new initiatives;
  • Develop a coherent strategy for educational partnerships based on efficient use of limited resources;
  • Carefully select preferential partners based on complementarity and the prospects of enriching curriculum options for outgoing students in a qualitative way;
  • Align representation of UGent with high-level partners;
  • Establish of an interface between Ghent University researchers & research groups and the private sector.
  • Facilitation of the involvement of SE-Asian & Belgian companies in contract research or other forms of PPP;
  • Create a forum were information is shared with other societal stakeholders such as  NGO’s, media, etcetera thus boosting the linkage of research and education initiatives with various societal groups


  • Coordinator: Prof. Peter Bossier (Laboratory of Aquaculture, Bioscience Engineering)
  • Secretary: ir. Jean Dhont (UGent Internationalisation)
  • Management Board: Coordinator + Secretary + Faculty representatives + Academic Director for Internationalisation (Prof. Guido Van Huylenbroeck)

Ghent University Members

 UGent @ Can Tho University, Vietnam
UGent @ Can Tho University, Vietnam
The ASEANplus platform will offer its services to any Ghent University partner that envisages or has activities with Asian partners.

Currently, seven faculties have committed to actively support the platform and they assigned a representative to join the Management Board: Mark Saeys (Engineering), Tom Ruys (Law), Piet Pattyn (Medicine and Health Sciences), Sarah De Saeger (Pharmaceutic Sciences), Martin Valcke (Psychology & Educational Sciences), Johan De Grave (Sciences), Hans Nauwynck (Veterinary Medicine)


International Partners

The platform strives at maximal participation from external stakeholders, such as university colleges HOWest & HOGent, the Province of East-Flanders, Flanders Investment & Trade, NGO’s and local companies with an interest in joining collaborations with our Asian partners.