Harvard University - Strategic Institutional Partnership


The scope of this Strategic Institutional Partnership (SIP) with Harvard University is to strengthen multi-dimensional collaborations, provide a platform for new bottom-up initiatives and enhance outbound and inbound mobility of researchers from both universities. This seed money can be used for travel, accommodation, and operating costs (not equipment, only consumables) to achieve preliminary data to increase potential of subsequent grant opportunities.


The SIP is a living and growing partnership, and welcomes all Ghent University researchers to strengthen ongoing or initiate new Harvard University collaborations.

Thanks to funding from the UGent Special Research Fund, the Strategic Institutional Partnership between Harvard University and Ghent University has launched a call for proposals of outbound mobility to Harvard (up-to €1.000), inbound mobility from Harvard researcher (up-to €5.000) with or without an additional project grant request during the fellowship (up-to €5.000).


The English application form must be submitted as 1 PDF named “SIP_Harvard_Faculty_ZAPsurname” by the Ghent University promotor to before May 1st, 2020 (1st round) and September 1st, 2020 (2nd round). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. By sending the application, the applicant declares truthful completion of all required data, agreement of a Harvard researcher, gives the consent to support the involved research(er) and -if awarded- agrees to report (max. 2 pages) to the steering group within 1 month after completion, the achieved goals and the added value. The steering group consisting of a member of each collaborating faculty at Ghent university will decide on funding (within 1 month after closed deadline) based on this application form.

Members SIP Harvard steering group

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FW – Prof. Lies Lahousse, chairman)
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (PP -Prof. Rudi De Raedt, vice-chairman)
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (GE – Prof. Patrick Sips)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (EA – Prof. Sarah Verhulst)
  • Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (LW – Prof. Ann Heirman)
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (EB – Prof. Koen Schoors)