International Human Rights Activities at Ghent University

Ghent University is active in adding a positive dimension to its human rights policy in internationalization.

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Institutional Promotion of International Human Rights

  • The Amnesty International Chair at Ghent University: in cooperation with Amnesty Flanders each year a distinguished human rights defender holds a public lecture, with additional guest lectures for students
  • The Mandela Lecture at Ghent University, in cooperation with the embassy of South Africa, includes lectures on human rights topics
  • The participation in the Scholars At Risk project also leads to a number of public events, specifically addressing academic freedom
  • Institutional honorary doctorates have been awarded to personalities with a strong human rights profile (Kofi Anan in 2003, Desmond Tutu in 2005, Irene Khan in 2007, Graça Machel in 2008, Frank Mugisha in 2013, Breyten Breytenbach in 2014)

Institutional Advancement of International Human Rights

Encouragement of International Human Rights Promotion and Advancement by Staff and Students

  • Some development cooperation projects play an active role. One example is DESAFIO (VLIR-IUS project with Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo) which focused on sexual and reproductive health, with two project lines on rights),-mozambique/
  • Several research projects incorporate a human rights approach in their research methodology, for example by giving voice to vulnerable people. An example in the international sphere is the work of prof. Ilse Derluyn on children in armed conflicts in Uganda and East Congo.
  • Several research projects include a component of practical application or a spin-off that attempts to meet concrete human rights needs. For example, in the context of research in East Congo and North Uganda, the research group of prof. Ilse Derluyn developed an offer of psychological support for former child soldiers.
  • The practice of the Human Rights Centre (Faculty of Law and Criminology) of submitting third party applications before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Some of the files of the human rights law clinic are international or concern refugees