Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programmes

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programmes (EMJD) are integrated international doctoral research and training programmes which have been awarded the Erasmus Mundus label by the European Commission because they fulfill the Erasmus Mundus quality criteria.

Each EMJD is developed within one specific subject area by a consortium of universities and/or other institutes, and all partners within the consortium jointly offer the research and training components of the programme.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programmes at Ghent University

Currently Ghent University is coordinating the following EMJD:

Candidates taking part in an EMJD are obliged to perform a research and/or training period of at least 6 months in at least two institutions within the consortium, situated in two different countries. These two countries must be different than the country where the candidate obtained his/her previous degree.

Additional mobility to other partner universities within the consortium is possible and to be recommended. Some of the EMJDs offer the possibility of a stay at a non-EU partner university.

Candidates will be awarded a Double or Joint Degree (depending on the programme) upon successful completion of the programme.


Both EU and non-EU candidates can apply for Erasmus Mundus Action 1-scholarships. The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, following a joint selection procedure. Annually, about 8 Erasmus Mundus-scholarships are available. Candidates can also take part in the programme through other funding means.

The application procedure for admission and for Erasmus Mundus scholarships is organized through the website of the EMJD. For all specific information about the EMJD, please refer to the programme’s website and the contact details mentioned on it.

EM Joint Doctoral Programmes in Europe

An overview of all Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programmes on offer throughout  Europe can be found on the website of EACEA