How to apply for the ASEM Work Placement Pilot Programme?


Application for the ASEM Work Placement Pilot Programme is only possible via the UBN contact in your country.

The UBN contact can inform you of

  • participating higher education institutes
  • ASEM selection criteria
  • time schedule for application
  • internship duration:  2 to 6 months. The final duration is decided to in consultation with your educational institution and the host company. In Belgium many companies prefer to engage interns for longer periods; 4 to 6 months.
  • The academic responsibility for the internship remains in the home institution.

Selected applicants will be put forward to the UBN contact person of the partner countries for further selection.

ASEM Training Agreement

 ASEM internships are framed in a formal training agreement describing the tasks, schedule, expected outcomes (competences), how the intern will be monitored and by whom, start and end date. The training agreement is signed by the host company, the trainee and a third party. The latter can be an educational institution, or other (sending organization) allied to the ASEM WPPP; we refer to your country’s UBN-contact for further information.