Bilateral Cultural Agreements: Exchange programmes for students and young researchers

The Flanders community has bilateral cultural agreements with a number of countries in the EU and worldwide. As part of these cultural agreements, exchange programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers have been set up.

Applicants from Flanders can spend study or research time abroad, while foreign students and researchers can apply for study or research time at a Flemish university. Summer Schools in Flanders are available to foreign students who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of Dutch.

The countries/regions which have signed bilateral cultural agreements with Flanders are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Quebec, Rumania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.

How to apply?

Except for Summer Schools, candidates must hold a second-cycle degree. Interested candidates should contact the Belgian Embassy in their home country to find out who selects and issues the scholarships made available under the bilateral cultural agreements.

In Flanders, the Department of Education coordinates the exchange programme. Only candidates from countries that have signed cultural agreements with Flanders, can apply.


The exchanges vary in duration from a few weeks (summer schools) to one academic year (postgraduate programmes and research stays).

How much funding is involved?

The programme usually covers minimal living expenses (students must be able to provide additional funds), health insurance and travel expenses.

More information

Contact for more info the Belgian embassy in your country.

A list is available on