Online learning agreements for Erasmus+

As announced by the European Commission, institutions are expected to connect to Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) from June 2021 onwards. Ghent University is currently focusing on Digital Inter-Institutional Agreements and we will be able to exchange agreements via our in-house system in June in preparation of 2022/23 mobilities.

For mobilities in the transitional year 2021/22, Ghent University will not be able to support the digital exchange and provide signatures for learning agreements. We aim to adapt our internal processes in our in-house system by March 2022,  which will allow us to fully support online learning agreements (OLA) for students mobile in academic year 2022/23.

Latest update: 19/04/2021

Mobilities in the transitional year 2021/22

Outgoing students

Outgoing students who are mobile in the academic year 2021/22 will prepare their learning agreement in our in-house system where it is electronically approved by the home coordinator. However, they will need to print their learning agreement in PDF format for the signature of the host institution.

If the use of OLA is required by your university, you can instruct our students to complete OLA. From our end, the FCI administrator at the faculty will approve the learning agreement via OLA, based on the PDF that is created inside our own in-house system.

Incoming students

We require incoming students to add a signed learning agreement (signed by students and home university) in PDF to their exchange application at Ghent University. We will sign the PDF and send a signed version via email to the student upon approval of the exchange application.

In case your student needs an online signature via OLA, please add our FCI administrator at the faculty as Receiving Responsible Person.

Mobilities in academic year 2022/23

By March 2022, we will fully support online learning agreements for outgoing and incoming students mobile in academic year 2022/23.


For specific information about learning agreements from (y)our students, you can contact our faculty  administrator responsible for Internationalisation.

For general information about supporting learning agreements for EWP, you can contact the central International Relations Office at