I want to submit an Erasmus+ project


Call for proposals

Annually The European Commision prepares a work programme which is a planning document explaining how the budget allocated for certain policies or funding programmes will be spent. Every year a general call for Erasmus+ project proposals is launched, usually during fall (October – November). You will find the call for proposals on the website of EACAE, the executive agency of the European Commission. With the call for proposals comes an Erasmus+ Programme Guide in which you will find detailed information (requirements, deadlines, finances…)about the different actions. In addition to the annual call for proposals there are specific calls, usually within Key Action 3 ‘Policy Reform’, focusing on specific themes.

The International Relations Office posts most calls on the electronic newsletter ‘BOZI’.

Looking for partners

Once you found an interesting action and you would like to submit a project, you might still have to search for partners who can provide you with complementary expertise. The best partners you usually find within your own network and during European conferences. It is always easier to work with colleagues you already know.

On the other hand it can also be interesting to add new partners to your consortium. In most Erasmus+ projects a minimum of 3 partners from 3 different Programme Countries is required. However most projects will have 6 to 15 partners. In general it can be said that a good consortium should not have more than 20 partners.

Studies show that finding your partners online might not be the most efficient way, but a few online platforms can be recommended: www.findingpartnersdatabase.org or eupartnersearch.com. Remember not to give away too much details of your project idea.

The best way to find good partners is through networking.

  • Discuss your project idea at international conferences.
  • Don’t look for friends, but look for valuable partners.
  • Choose partners who have complementary expertise.

When you found your partners it is always good to set up a meeting where you physically sit together to discuss the development and the implementation of the project. You can apply for a project prospection-preparation budget at the international relations office (see below point 6).

Important notifications

Increase your chances of success by following these steps.

Contact the International Relations Office
The International Relations Office can support you and check whether you fulfill all requirements. You can contact a colleague at the IRO directly or you can write an email to eu-educationprojects@ugent.be. From 2017 you are obliged to announce your project 5 working days before the deadline, mainly to check overhead and VAT. (https://www.ugent.be/intranet/nl/op-het-werk/onderzoek-onderwijs/onderzoek/projectadministratie/externe-financiering.htm)

  • Content
    Align your project proposal with the EU-policy, you can check their website, search for strategy papers, regional priorities and other policy texts. You can refer to this information in your proposal. Some programmes have their own priorities.
  • Financial Check
    The proposed budget needs to be checked by the Financial Department, through our financial advisors and this at least 5 working days before the deadline. If you will coordinate the project and you wish to have additional staff support (30.000 EUR/year, see https://sharepoint.ugent.be/sites/Documentenbeheer/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/sites/Documentenbeheer/publicatiezone/221/000834.pdf&action=default), you need to forward the budget proposal at least 2 weeks before the deadline, so your request will be reviewed.
  • Terminology
    Use the correct name of our university: Universiteit Gent or Ghent University (not University of Ghent). The abbreviation of Ghent University is UGent (2 capital letters, no ‘h’).
  • Use the correct templates
    Usually templates for contracts, budget calculation, work package tables etc are available. Use the correct templates of the European Commission and don’t exceed the page limits.
  • Prospection-preparation budget
    To support you in preparing the project proposal you can apply for a project prospection-preparation budget. Twice a year the International Office launches a call. Additional information you can find here


As a coordinator

As a coordinator you take the initiative for the project proposal and usually this means you are responsible for managing the writing process, tasks division, budget calculation and editing the final text.

Once you know you want to submit a project proposal as coordinator, please contact a colleague at the international relations office or you can write an email to eu-educationprojects@ugent.be. They can help you with regard to regulations, guidelines of the programme, official documents, proofreading parts of the proposal etc.

The deadline to provide documents is 2 weeks before the deadline of the project.

As a partner

Will you be a partner? Make sure that the coordinator involves you in the project idea and the project development, if the project proposal is selected you are legally bounded to execute the tasks as described in the project proposal. Ensure your assigned tasks are clear and you agree with the foreseen budget.

Before signing a Mandate Letter the colleagues at the International Office will ask if you are aware of your tasks and the foreseen budget in the project proposal. The deadline to provide this information is 5 working days before the deadline.

Templates and guidelines