Making Tomorrow

Making Tomorrow: the sequel on 18/02

At Making Tomorrow we propose actions where we as students can take the lead. We focus on actions that can make a difference in one academic year. Join us for a specific action and get started with your fellow students. We want to demonstrate how things can be done differently!

Have a look at our current projects:

  • Turn Grey into Green & Temporary Urbanism Pop-uptuin Dunant

We're getting rid of those abandoned, grey corners on our campuses! We can turn them into so much more: a student lounge, a sports field, a green hotspot, a butterfly garden... Spot those places for us that can use a make-over, and get creative with benches, planters, seats ... How big this all becomes depends on you (and some practical objections, maybe).

  • Out with vending machines

Putting soft drink and candy vending machines in student areas provokes consumption of those goods. So let's make a change. What do we want instead? Attractive student corners where it's pleasant to hang out, with water fountains and room to experiment with sustainable and healthy juices. That can of soda will no longer be on our mind!

  • Repair Cafe & Vlömarkt closet sale

Next spring we want to set up an extensive circular event, with workshops on fixing bikes, zero waste cooking, upcycling and screenprinting, and so much more. Let’s add some foodtrucks, some good tunes and some rays of sun to this and ta-da, there’s your festival!

Vlömarkt 2018To fill your wardrobe in a more sustainable way you can choose to buy more second hand. To facilitate this we organize 'Vl¨¨ömärkt' on a regular basis. This flea market is the place to be to thrift pre-loved treasures such as clothes, shoes and accessories. Will you help us organize the upcoming edition?


D’URGENT is a sustainable Gentian student organization that tries to tackle sustainable questions on different fronts. They work on topics such as  zero waste, fair fashion, downshifting consumption, greening, divestment, and so on. All of this can take many forms: from lectures to workshops to movie nights. Some projects are running at full speed while others can use some new wind. Get to know them this evening!


  • Sustainable campus & give boxes

Are you fed up with your syllabi being printed one sided, vending machines filled with disposables, overly heated auditoriums, a lack of water fountains and green areas? Get out there and get in touch with people at your faculty, so you can help them create a more sustainable campus, step by step. Find some inspiration in the sustainability pact (in Dutch). As a part of this project we are building giveaway boxes which we’ll spread out across the university, so we can give a new life to preloved items. Are you a handy (wo)man? Help us out!

  • Climate activism

The student movement #YouthForClimate has stirred up something in our society with their climate marches. A climate generation has risen, inspired by Greta Thunberg's words. 'Students for Climate' want to amplify these efforts and are taking climate action this year as well. ExtinctioKlimaatmarsn Rebellion will also be present. This international movement uses non-violent civil disobedience as protest against climate change, mass extinction and social collapse. They demand a system change to create a more sustainable world. If you want to know more about these movements, what their strategies are, or how you could contribute yourself, be there!

  • Sustainight

Every Tuesday is Sustainight! Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, but always in a relaxed atmosphere with sustainability as the guiding theme. We want to keep up with the tradition and that’s why we’re looking for a core team who want to devote themselves to these Tuesday nights. This means serving as the host, providing drinks and snacks, getting the Green Hub ready and cosy for the event, and making sure the evening runs smoothly.

  • Sustaiquiz

March 31st we are hosting our first ‘sustainable quiz’. For this sustaiquiz we expect over 100 participants, all battling for the most sustainable prize in the world. Would you like to brainstorm and formulate questions, be a jury member or help with logistics? Welcome to our team!

  • Green tear-off calendar

We’re eager to compose a tear-off calendar for students. Not just your plain old calendar, but a fun one with a sustainable approach. One with fun facts, jokes, cartoons, and what not. One for each day. Creative minds are invited to contribute. You’ll have carte blanche content wise and the full support of the Green Office team.

  • Pampering students with fruits & vegs

For a couple of years already the volunteers of ‘Mizuna’ have provided weekly sustainable vegetable and fruit boxes to students. But times do change, so we’d like to brainstorm about how to cater to students’ needs for greens nowadays. Do you have an idea on how to seduce students with whole foods, or would you like to help out with the logistics? Join our table!

  • International table

This table is reserved exclusively for international (exchange) students! Get to know the university’s green policy and tell us what you think. Maybe you know any good practices from home that you would like to share with us? Or help us make a list of volunteer tasks that can easily be carried out by committed internationals who want to help out but only stay here for a limited time. (NB: this conversation will be held in English)

  • Idea factory

It does not have to end with the above mentioned projects. Got another idea? We might be able to tackle this too...



6 pm: opening reception Green Hub with sustainable catering

6.30 pm: presentation of the projects by the student-coaches

7 - 9 pm: sit down at theme tables


Please register here!

The awards

We want to reward commitment to make Ghent University, the city of Ghent and our world a little more sustainable!

The Bright makers award

Did you do something terrific this academic year in terms of sustainability? And do you want Ghent University to further expand your initiative? Then nominate your project for The Bright Makers award 'De Groene ruijter'!

The Bright Future Award

Did you prepare a thesis on a social-ecological sustainability issue? Then you might win The Bright Future Award.

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