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Ghent University embraces the SDSs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are ambitious goals set by the UN for 2030. These provide a strong dynamic to which Ghent University wants to contribute.
In this respect, the MAKING TOMORROW project was started. A project in which students, together with committed staff, can work within the city and the university on one of the sustainable objectives. Together we make change!

Our projects

  • Turn Grey into Green & Temporary Urbanism (SDG 11 & 15) Workshop vergroening

We're getting rid of those grey, abandoned corners on our campuses! We can turn them into so much more: a student lounge, a sports field, a green hotspot, a butterfly garden... Spot for us the places that can use a make-over. And tinker with banks, planters, seats, ...


  • Sustainable higher education (SDG 4)Studenten

Many students remain hungry today about sustainability education. "It may be a bit more ..." or "It may be tackled in an alternative way ...". Point us the way. There are a number of strong students ready to do something themselves. Student LED education.


  • Buddyproject (SDG 10) Workshop vluchtelingen

Meet refugees and international students and guide them through the Ghentian student life. Follow via Facebook.


  •  Ghent University Pride (SDG 3)

Our goal? A more open and inclusive university with a place for  students across all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel  at home. Join us to brainstorm ideas!


  • Start to talk (SDG 3)Kunstinstallatie duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelstellingen

At least one in four students is at risk for depression. Talking is a known protective factor against mental health issues. A talking group by students for students. Feeling down? Everyone with any problem is welcome. Get the latest information via Facebook


  •  Dinner's ready (SDG 12)

There are many myths about nutrition, also about sustainable food. Time to negate these. We want to better inform staff, students and caterers. Also on the menu: creating a series of debate sessions and making our own restaurants and catering more sustainable. Dinner’s ready!


  • Zero waste (SDG 12)Weggeefkast

D'URGENT for sustainable materials! From no plastics tot circular strategies!


  • Consume less, share better (SDG 12)

A shareplatform for books? A gift closet? A swap shop? These are already existing examples which we would like to unroll much further.


  • Let's party (SDG 12)

Ghent University is bustling and that means a lot of events, conferences and parties. We want to decrease the ecological impact of these activities. Informing and assisting organizers, before, during and after the event.


  •  Student Movements (SDG 17) Workshop duurzame studentenevents

We want to strengthen the green heart of student life by triggering student associations to take action. We are going to help them to shape the student movement of tomorrow. Participative, social, economic and ecological. From reusable cups, over recto-verso printing to sustainable socio-cultural events, let the ideas come!


  • Open space

Do you see through the SDG conspiracy, nevertheless “making tomorrow” sounds like a nice philosophy? Maybe you have other ideas?

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