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Have a look at our movie of the Kick-Off evening and join us the 20th of February from 5.30 pm on @ the UFO. Free catering and a performance of Trashbeatz included!

Making Tomorrow ?

SDGs at Ghent University The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the goals the UN set for 2030. Through the ambitious MAKING TOMORROW project, Ghent University wants to contribute to achieving these goals.

We, the students, make change happen with the help of motivated personnel inside both the city and the university walls, to achieve these sustainable goals.

Come-back event

The Kick-Off was good! With a lot of enthusiastic young people. And a lot of good ideas and inspiring examples. But now it's time to act!

Work out one of the projects below, together with other students and register for 'the sequel'.

Our projects

  • Enchanté: make (U)Gent a warm place for everyone (SDG 10) Enchanté

Does Ghent know social isolation and inequality? Yes.

Enchanté wants to get rid of obstacles and create social interaction through a network of warm people providing small services for those who don't have much.

Lend a helping hand and join Enchanté!

  • Fairtrade @ Ghent University (SDG 12)Fair trade

Ghent University is making Fair Trade a big issue. But we want more!

Through Fair Fashion Challenges we will make sure that our UGent lab coats and work wear will also  be fairtrade.

Too sexy for your lab!

  • Turn Grey into Green & Temporary Urbanism (SDG 11 & 15) Workshop vergroening

We're getting rid of those grey, abandoned corners on our campuses! We can turn them into so much more: a student lounge, a sports field, a green hotspot, a butterfly garden...

We want to start with the parking space at Muinkschelde (near The Therminal) and look how we can transform this into a student lounge, green sitting room, … Ideal relaxation spot during the exams!

How big this project will be, depends on you (and on some practical issues of course…)!

  • Ecozycorners (SDG 11, 13 & 17) Workshop ecozycorners

We're also getting rid of the unattractive student lounges in our buildings, full of energy slurping vending machines!

What do you think of an ecozycorner, an inspiring student spot, with nice  furniture, sustainable snacks, ...

We want to make a try-out in the Therminal and the faculty of Law.

  • Sustainable Student Movements (SDG 17)

Sustainability comes from within. We want to strengthen the green heart of student life by enthralling student associations to take action.

We are going to help them today to make the student movement of tomorrow. Participative, social, economic and ecological.

From reusable cups, over recto-verso printing to sustainable socio-cultural events, let the ideas come!

  • A gentle place for fugitives (SDG 10)Workshop vluchtelingen

Don't let refugees be an abstract concept. Get to know them and their stories and make Ghent University a safe and open space for everyone.

By organizing events we want to bridge the gap between (future) refugee-students and home students. On the other hand we will strive for a buddy program on a policy level.

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  • A clear mind (SDG 3)

Mental health problems are very frequent in our society. As much as  one out of four people will suffer from it in their lives.

Feeling down? Let’s talk!

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