“WOW, that’s impressive!” That is how we at Ghent University see not only the research that is being conducted at our university today, but also all the pioneering work that scientists have done throughout the years in various institutions.

WOW: an ode to science

WOW is our ode to science, or rather, to what science means to mankind.

Our own professors and researchers award a WOW to the research they feel has had a major impact on our lives. Our aim is to show why everyone should be as passionate about science as we are.

Through WOW we aim to garner support for all valuable discoveries made by scientists. Because impressive science deserves a genuine WOW.


Keen to find out more about all the WOWs?

Discover the WOW of Marjan Doom, Director of the Ghent University Museum, check out who gave a WOW to Leonardo da Vinci and explore which WOW can finally put an end to all the bullshit according to Koen Schoors, Professor of Economics.


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Give a WOW yourself via #WOWUGent

Which research made an unmistakable contribution to life as we know it today? Which discovery deserves a WOW? Which scientist should be praised?

Make a video awarding your own WOW! Why?

  • Because you are genuinely thankful for the results of a research project
  • Because you think the study has significantly contributed to our society
  • Because you have found a fine example of scientific excellence

Record your WOW video with your mobile and share it on your social-media channels with the hashtag #WOWUGent. Is filming videos not your thing? No worries, just use the hashtag on its own! ;-)

A selection from the WOW's