De Warmste Week at Ghent University

Flanders will once again be doing its best for charity this year between 18 and 24 December, as part of the VRT’s De Warmste Week. Every year, many people at Ghent University also get involved and show the warmth in their hearts during this solidarity event. What’s new this year is that you can now also choose to support one of Ghent University’s charities with your activity.


Choose the CRIG fund

Ghent University would like to team up with everyone at the university during De Warmste Week to support the Cancer Research Institute Ghent, or CRIG for short. CRIG gathers together all of Ghent’s cancer researchers to make research faster and more efficient. Every day, more than 400 researchers and experts work hard, each in their own domain: from doctors to biologists, and bioinformaticians to engineers.

CRIG invests heavily in the cancer researchers of the future, for example by funding promising research and organising specialised courses, lectures and networking opportunities.

More about the non-profit organisation CRIG

De Warmste WeekHow to participate?

Are you from Ghent University and keen to organise an activity together with your faculty, academic department, alumni or student association to support the CRIG fund? Super! Tell us about it and we’ll promote your initiative using one of Ghent University’s channels and give your event more publicity.

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Make your own poster

Do you want to promote your initiative in your office or student home? Download our ready made poster and add the details of your activity.

De Warmste Denkers Affiche

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Research for a new cancer medicine

At Ghent University, many researchers work hard each day to improve cancer treatment and thus extend our life expectation. However, research takes time. Tremendous time. And money. Postdoctoral research Dr. Heleen Dewitte knows all about it. Thanks to CRIG, the Cancer Research Institute Ghent, she is able to continue her promising research.

Scientists and engineers team up to fight cancer

CRIG, the Cancer Research Institute Ghent, unites scientists in a specific aim to improve cancer research. Prof. dr. Liv Veldeman and her team research how to reduce the side effects from radio therapy. EThey came into contact with the Industrial Design programme at Ghent University’s Campus Kortrijk to develop a a face-down platform to reduce the risks of breast cancer treatment.

Why Krista sets about organising succesful activities for CRIG

Krista De Keyser has been fighting off salivary gland cancer ever since 2015 and has also organised two activities in support of cancer research at the CRIG. She gives us some tips.