Why Krista, herself a cancer patient, sets about organising successful activities for CRIG

Krista De KeyserKrista De Keyser has been fighting off salivary gland cancer ever since 2015 and has also organised two activities in support of cancer research at the CRIG.

Krista has undergone various courses of treatment and operations, but so far without success. “The chemotherapy was too much for me, I just couldn’t stand it. The doctors switched me over to a lighter version, but that did not help. The tumours in my throat and lungs are stable, but another lump is now developing on my liver. At the moment it feels like there’s no end to it and, so far, no suitable treatment has been found.”

No wonder then that Krista wants to support research into salivary gland cancer.: “Nobody ever talks about salivary gland cancer. I aimed to change that and organised my own activity for the Warmste Week.” She chose cancer research at the CRIG: “I wanted to give money to the professor involved in my treatment, professor Rottey at Ghent University Hospital, in order to do further research. The fact that few people suffer this form of cancer means there is still no treatment available. It costs a lot of money to develop medication just for me. I find that really frustrating. If it is not in time to help me personally, then I hope it will help somebody else.”

Together with eight friends she founded the group Salivam (Latin for saliva) and organised a fundraising party. This will shortly be followed by a charity dinner and a 24-hour games event.

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