Video transcription 'How to get from Brussels International Airport to Ghent '

Hello, we are students of Ghent University. We are here present now at international airport of Brussels. And I am Stephen…

And I’m Marcel and we are going to show you how to get to Ghent. Please follow us.

There are three ways to get to Ghent. We can take a taxi, we can take the bus or the train. Marcel what do you think?

The taxi is going to be very expensive. The bus is going to take a whole day. The train is the easiest and it is going to take you direct to Ghent. So we recommend you to take the train.

There we go.

This is a vending machine for the tickets. You have to pick the language of your choice. In this case English. Take tickets. Standard Ticket. Then you choose where you are going to. We are going to Gent-Sint-Pieters. So our destination is Ghent-Sint-Pieters. Press OK. Press pay and print. At this machine you need a bancontact. Since most of you will be arriving, I guess you won’t have a bancontact. So you will need to get to a cash desk in order to get your tickets. If you don’t have a bancontact, you can get your tickets here.

We just got our tickets. And now we are heading for Ghent. So on the board we are going to look for the train for Ghent. The shortest trip will be the train heading for ‘De Panne’. This will take about 53 minutes. We check the board and … Here we are!

This is another option for you to find your train. The train leaves every 52 minutes of every hour. When you are in the train you have to put your luggage in the luggage rack in order not to disturb other travelers. There!

Normally it takes 53 minutes to get to Ghent. If there is no delay. Eating and drinking is allowed in the train. But you have to keep it clean!

We just arrived in Ghent. Oh, that was a very nice ride. And really quick. Here we go! We are in front of the entrance of the Ghent-Sint-Pieters station. And right in front of me you can see the tramline and on the left you can see the bus. We advise you to take bus 42 and it will take you to the 4th stop. There you can find the Housing Department.

Thank you for watching us.