Video transcription 'How to get cash from a public cash dispenser'

Hello. Welcome to this episode of ‘how to do it?’. If you are staying in Belgium for a long time it might occur that you get a financial transaction card. If you have one of these, you don’t have to walk with too much money in your pocket. Just go to the cash machine to get the amount of money you need. But… How to do it?

Step 1: get your card out of your wallet. Step 2: put your card into the machine. Step 3: insert your numeric code. Make sure nobody is watching. 4: Choose the amount you want. Step 5: get your money. Step 6: withdraw your card.

Attention: if you happen to lose your card, immediately call ‘Card stop’: 070 344 344. This way your card can’t be used anymore until you let them know you’ve got it back.

Well I’ve got my money. It’s time to shop!