Video transcription 'How to use contraception'

So, what are you reading?

Well, it’s a book from a Peruvian writer.

Where do you come from? You’re from Peru?

No, actually I am from Paraguay.

So, do you have a boyfriend? And the book you are reading, what is it about?

I really loved our conversation. Do you want to go out and have a drink sometime? I would love that. Can I have your number?



Hi Fabiola, it’s Matthias.

Yes, ok.

Do you want to meet at my place?

Ok, see you there.

Ok, see you then.


How are you?

So, this is your room?


What is the plan for today?

We could go to a movie or we could just stay here.

A couple of intense minutes later…

That was fun, wasn’t it?


Luckily we always have these in our pockets.

Do you want to know why we use this? It’s quite simple. First of all, condoms protect us against sexual transmitted diseases like aids, HIV or herpes. Secondly it protects us against pregnancy. But where to get condoms? In Belgium it’s completely normal to get your condoms in the supermarket or a pharmacy. People may look a bit strange and frown a bit but that’s the way it is done around here. If you are a bit ashamed to buy condoms in public you can always ask a friend to go with you. Or you can look for a condom vending machine in the street. In Ghent you can find a lot of them mostly in front of a pharmacy. How to use them? Do you really expect us to explain? Oh yes, there is always a small manual included in the box so don’t worry. If you don’t want this or this or this to happen right now, use these!
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