Video transcription 'How to approach a doctor when you're ill'

I have a bad cough. I don’t know why. What should I do?

It looks like the student doctors are situated at the rectorate. It’s next to the Ufo building in Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat. It says that I should make a reservation. 09 264 70 72.

Hello. My name is Jules and I’d like to make an appointment with the student doctor.

Later that day…

Mr. Jules?

I have a question, doctor.


I’m feeling ill. What should I do?

First you have to tell me a little bit more about your condition. Then we will examine you and we will try to find out what the diagnosis is. Then we will give you the necessary care, medication, or something else. The examination will take a couple of minutes.

Should I take a medicine? How and when?

I’ll explain it to you. I will give you a prescription. With this prescription you can go to any pharmacy. It is a shop with a big green cross so you can easily find it. Just give the prescription to them and they will sell you the necessary medication. I have put on my prescription how often you should take your medicine. The pharmacists will explain you again.

What should I do when I get ill in the weekend or in the night?

In Ghent there is always a generalist available. If you get ill, you can always call this number: 09 236 50 00. Then the doctor can come to your house or you will have to go to a special center. Bring your insurance papers. Some students have a real Belgian insurance called the mutuality. They have a SIS-card. If you have that and the special stickers, it is always good to bring them. Take it to the pharmacy as well! They need it too. They are students that have a more private insurance. They normally first have to pay everything in the pharmacy or the laboratory tests. It cannot be arranged immediately with the insurance like it is done for the people with a SIS-Card. It is always good to take everything with you.

What about school? Should I get a note?

In Belgium the system demands that you need a certificate of the doctor that explains you cannot go to school.

When do I have to go to a hospital?

Doctors are available for most of the medical problems, even at night. The emergency in hospital is in fact only for real severe cases.

Ok, thank you very much.


A regular visit will cost you approximately 20 euros.

Well, I’ve got my medicine, my note for school. I’m going back to bed.