Video transcription 'How to get to the University Housing Department from Ghent Sint-Pieters Station'

Hello. Welcome to this new episode of “How to do it?” My name is Vishvas and I’m going to show you how to get from the Sint-Pietersstation tot the Housing Department. Here we are at the bus station. As you can see it is very close to the railway station. But let’s see how I can get the bus to the Housing Department. If you don’t know where to find your bus go to the information desk right over there. There will be someone to help you. Hello.

Hello. How can I get to the Heuvelpoort?

There are two busses toward the Heuvelpoort. There are buses number 42 and number 44. They are both leaving from platform 10. I will give you the timetable of the bus and also a map with the route of the bus. In this one you can find the schedule. This is the map. You will see that ‘Heuvelpoort’ is a big stop. Usually the bus is leaving a quarter before and a quarter after the hour.

Thank you very much.

Please, have a nice day.

So, now I’ve got a map of Ghent and this bus timetable. As you can see, the people are very nice here. So now we know which bus we have to take…we need to get a ticket, right. Never buy your ticket on the bus because it’s more expensive. Always buy your ticket at these machines. Don’t forget to devaluate your ticket when you get on the bus. If you are close to your destination then push the yellow or blue button. This way the bus driver knows you want to get off at the next stop. Here we are at ‘Heuvelpoort’. This is the 4th stop and it only took eleven minutes to get here. The Housing department is this way, it’s the first street on our right. In this building you can find the Housing Department. Enjoy your stay in Belgium.