Video transcription 'How to make use of the student restaurants'

Hello. Welcome to this new episode of “How To Do It?”. When you are hungry and you really do not feel like cooking, when even preparing a sandwich is too much of an effort, where do you have to go?

If you don’t want to spent too much of money you’d better not go to a restaurant. That would be very bad for your wallet. Eating fast food is good for once but you shouldn’t eat it every day if you want to stay healthy. But where can I find a very cheap restaurant? Let’s see.

Google: restaurants for students University Ghent. Look at that. There are 8 student restaurants in Ghent. More information on: If you go to the top right of the page you can even find the menu and the prices for the coming days and weeks. You already can get a decent meal starting from 2,90€

Mhmmm. I really feel like eating some chicken. Well, let’s go.

Here we are! If you didn’t have the time to check the internet, you can always have a look at this table to see what food is served. You can always choose between meat, fish and vegetarian. Don’t forget to take out your student card. Otherwise you will pay extra money. You can also get water for free here!

Eet smakelijk!