Ghent University congratulates ERC and her grantees

(06-05-2021) Today the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) welcomes her 10.000th grantee. 86 of these grantees can call Ghent University their professional home. This ranks Ghent University at place 30 of the European top Host Institutions.

Since 2007, the ERC supports the best researchers from all over the world with a 5-year research project which can be conducted at one of Europe's many universities and research institutions.

At Ghent University, already 86 grantees have been awarded ERC funding, which amounts up to 170 million euro. This ranks Ghent University at place 30 of the European top Host Institutions. Many of them are young researchers who could build or consolidate their own research team with this funding. Several hundreds of other young researchers, PhD students or postdocs have been employed with this budget.

Read the stories of two of the most recent Ghent University ERC Grantees, Marthe De Boevre (Do mycotoxins in our food lead to cancer?) and Heidi Mertes (Check-Up for Our Medical Ethics).

Ghent University has been supporting ERC applicants from the start of the programme by helping and advising them with their application, and by offering them a long term professorship. With the expanded EU team, the Research Department wishes to continue and improve this support.

A unique funding programme

ERC funding gives top researchers the opportunity to conduct groundbreaking frontier research, with a high-risk, high-gain character. It is the only European funding programme in which scientific excellence is the only criterion. The ERC is lead autonomously by scientists and not by the European Commission officials. Ghent University professor Dirk Inzé has been appointed a member of the ERC Scientific Council in January 2021.

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Margo Baele, EU team Ghent University 

Applying for an ERC grant at Ghent University