9 things you will open many times this academic year

(07-02-2020) We’ve heard the starting shot. There’s no way back. We’ve created a list of all the things that you are likely to open this year.

Marker1. Your course books

Some people only remove the plastic cover a couple of week before the exams start, other people already have a pile of fluorescent markers at the ready. But, for most students, it’s somewhere in-between. In any case, you will open those course books at some point or other. By the way, it’s better to wait until after the introductory day's before buying your course books. Then, or during the first lesson of each subject, you will find out exactly what you need.

Schrijven, pen, koffie, pauze2. A pack of coffee

Whether it’s to catch the early train to get to your first lesson or to stay up all night to finish studying, a strong cup of coffee can do wonders. Need a little more help than that? Then go and study in the Therminal or another location where you can study together with fellow students. The moral support you will get from your contemporaries is free.

Fietser kruist tramsporen3. Your bike lock

Tip: Never park your bike on a bridge at night. Your keys are likely to end up in the water as you open your bike lock after a drink or two. Other bike trouble? Get some help from one of the bike repair points at Ghent University.


Home Konvent: herbruikbare bekers4. The door of your student association

There’s no better way to make friends fast than by joining a student association. Not only are there lots of benefits, including discounts on books, you will also make some friends for life.

Foto dokter5. A pack of condoms

It’s important to have fun. It’s even more important to do it safely. Are you unsure about something or do you need an appointment with the doctor right away? The student doctors are there to help!

Oude radio6. Playlist

Some chill music to help you study, a list to get you warmed up for an evening out or as you do some sport: there’s a playlist for every occasion. Not inspired to create your own? Then be sure to check out the playlists at Urgent, as Ghent University’s one and only radio station and the reference when it comes to music and culture.

Een pakje noodles7. Packs of instant noodles

A communal – and often revolting - kitchen is not necessarily the best spot for some cosy cooking. No worries when you can call Deliveroo or Uber Eats, except for the fact that this soon eats into your allowance. So thank heavens for instant noodles: they are hardly haute cuisine, but they are super cheap and ready in an instant. And for those wanting a little more, the student restaurants in Ghent and the campus restaurant in Kortrijk are the perfect solution. They won’t make a hole in your budget, nor do they require any cooking skills.

Migraine8. A packet of painkillers

Despite all your good intentions and resolutions you might wake up with a slight headache after a night on the town. In that case, a painkiller can be quite a help in keeping track of your lessons. Hardcore students on the other hand return to the bottle – of sports drink! The choice is yours.


Vrouw loopt9. Your trouser belt

First and foremost: that’s not what we meant at all, you and your dirty mind. Those weekly portions of fries (and/or durum), all that sitting down in lessons,... The kilos can soon start piling on. An extra hole in your belt can come in very handy. The best way to stay in shape is by doing some lengths in the swimming pool or running for an hour at the Watersportbaan. And it helps you to relax after a day of studying. By the way, as a student, you can benefit from student rates at all kinds of facilities.