Alain Goossens elected as EMBO member

(07-07-2020) Ghent University and VIB scientist Alain Goossens elected as EMBO Member

EMBO is an organization that unites leading researchers in the life sciences to promotes scientific excellence. Every year, new members are selected from among Europe’s top-scientists. Today, EMBO has bestowed upon 63 leading scientists the lifetime honour of EMBO Membership in recognition of their remarkable achievements in the life sciences. 52 new Members and 11 Associate Members, residing in 25 countries, have been newly elected and join the community of the EMBO Membership. The new Members boast a large range of accomplishments, with candidates elected based on scientific excellence and pioneering research. EMBO membership is one of most highly prized recognitions of excellence in the life sciences for individual researchers. This year, Alain Goossens (VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology) joins the other EMBO members.

Alain Goossens

Alain Goossens and his group explore how plants steer the delicate balance between growth and defense, particularly the production of bioactive specialized metabolites. Their main focus is to unravel the action of one hormone in the regulation of plant metabolism, namely jasmonate. The influential discoveries made by his group enable better exploitation of the metabolic treasures of the plant world. As new EMBO member, Alain Goossens will serve on the EMBO Council, Committees and Editorial Boards and play an important part in evaluating applications for EMBO funding, but also in the mentorship of young scientists.

”It is an amazing feeling to be elected as an EMBO member. It is a fantastic recognition of the work of my team. I am looking forward to participate in this network of outstanding researchers and push the research of myself, and eventually others within the EMBO community, to a next level” - Alain Goossens

More information about EMBO

EMBO is an international organisation of life scientists, which has more than 1800 members elected by peers. EMBO directs funding from its member states towards research fellowships, courses, workshops, conferences, and science policy initiatives, and also has a stable of journals.

EMBO Membership honours distinguished scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the life sciences, including 88 Nobel Laureates who have/have held EMBO Membership. EMBO Members actively participate in EMBO initiatives, for example by serving on EMBO Council and committees, by mentoring young scientists, or supporting activities such as the promotion of sound science policy. Members also guide and support the organisation in ensuring the highest quality in the selection of future members, postdoctoral fellows, and courses and workshops. The new Members carry out research across a broad range of life science disciplines, including neuroscience, plant biology, cell biology, signal transduction, development, molecular medicine, immunology, and many more.

“The new Members have contributed to the success of research in the life sciences in Europe and around the world. As EMBO Members they can help to shape the future through EMBO’s work to support talented researchers, bring ideas together, and promote an international research environment conducive to excellent science” - EMBO Director Maria Leptin