Ghent University Alumni Day: Sunday 26 March

(10-03-2023) Miss your university life or want to reconnect with your old friends? Join us on the Alumni Day for a good dose of nostalgia.

Ghent University serves you performances, hands-on activities, demos, lectures, tours, exhibitions, debates, ... for the whole family!

We kick off at 9.30 am with our Alumnus of the Year, Catherine De Bolle, and continue until around 5-6 pm, depending on the location. If you don't want to be late to your favourite activity, remember that daylight saving time kicks in the night before alumni day: we'll move the clock forward an hour!

In the morning, activities will concentrate around Ufo, Rectorate and De Krook, in the afternoon the day will fan out to all campuses in Ghent.

Everyone is welcome! All Ghent University alumni are welcome, including our bachelors who are still studying and the alumni of institutions that have meanwhile integrated into our university. Feel free to bring your partner, parents, children, friends or family.

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