Ghent University uses maximum available space to welcome as many students as possible on campus

(25-06-2020) Next academic year, Ghent University wants as many students as possible to take lessons on campus again in Ghent and Kortrijk.

This goes hand in hand with guaranteeing everyone's safety. That is why the on campus lessons will still be supplemented with online education.

In organizing the education on campus for the next academic year, forming a Ghent University-community, promoting interaction and social contact between students and providing structure are important goals.

In turn, online education spreads students across campuses and avoids gatherings of large groups of students. Due to the applicable safety procedures, the size of the groups that physically meet will be limited.

Additional study and collaborative workplaces

Anyone coming to study at Ghent University for the first time will receive extra attention and care. Students in the first bachelor year are divided into smaller study groups. Students within the same study group will be taught together more often. Each study group will have its own StudyCoach: a personal tutor and mentor who will help the first-year students on their way and answer their questions.  There will also be permanent study places for these study groups, the Study-OO (Study Online On Campus). Here students can follow interactive online lessons, work together on assignments, exercises, and preparations and possibly take evaluations or exams.

Ghent University also provides extra study and collaboration places for older students.

In order to achieve this, Ghent University is currently freeing up classrooms where students will be able to work and study together. In addition, we are also searching for external locations. In this way, our capacity will be expanded so that students can still be present on campus as much as possible, either in the usual classrooms where lessons, practicals, work classes, exercises, ... take place, or in the extra work and study areas where they can be together and study together.

Designing training and courses together

Next academic year it will be important that on campus and online activities form a beautiful whole and reinforce each other. Teachers, supervisors and students work together on this. In determining this approach, full account is taken of the study load of students. In the meantime, consultations have been started within the faculties; student representatives are actively involved in these consultations. When designing the study programme and courses next academic year, the wishes, suggestions and concerns expressed by students and teachers in the corona survey are taken into account.

Student life

The university's student residences are opening up again under a number of additional conditions. The private room market is also making the necessary preparations. The choice of Ghent University to make maximum use of on-campus education is already one good reason to apply for a room in one of our residences.  

We want to make it clear that Ghent University wants to give ‘student life’ plenty of opportunities, in consultation with the student organizations and our student facilities. Life on campus and in the city will therefore gradually blossom again, to the rhythm of security measures.

chatFuture students live chat @UGent

Next week, Ghent University organizes live chat sessions for future students who have questions about the study programmes or about how education will proceed in academic year 2020-2021.  Earlier, the online information days about the Bachelor's and Master's programs were launched, but students with extra questions about their choice of study or how education will go next year will be able to chat live with students, professionals and staff from July 1 to July 6. Connect live to the general sessions via